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What are the different pu castor load?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-17
Adjust the foot - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the feet manufacturers in different environments, pu castor load is different, in a different environment will be much use polyurethane casters, such as a cart, scaffolding, medical casters, factory, workshop and so on will be applied to many different places pu castor, but different places truckle is different also, should choose the different industries like these buy pu castor should pay attention to what issues? Decided to carry the weight of the load, the size of the wheel, but also affect the polyurethane caster wheel rotation, so choose pu castor should know their industries should use how much to buy wheel bearing weight. Such as food industry corridor smaller wheels is too big can also affect cart operation. Such as some workshop truckle to use heat resistant to cold and so on. Pu castor, to ensure reliability of the operation, often to the bearing maintenance, maintenance and abnormal processing, improve productivity and economy. To maintain the best conditions of mechanical operation of the corresponding operation standard, universal wheel on a regular basis. Content including bearings, monitor running status, bearing supplement or replace the lubricant, sealed, check regularly.
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