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What are the electroplating method castor?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-21
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer is using the principle of electrolytic plating on the product surface coated with a thin layer of metal or alloy, the process of using electrolysis made of metal or other materials of the surface layer of metal film process to prevent the oxidation of the metal ( Such as rust) And improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and improve aesthetics, and so on. So what's the electroplating electroplating castor general method? By Beijing to KNT Keith below give you a brief introduction of science and technology co. , LTD. 1, chloride zinc chloride zinc plating technology application in castor hardware parts electroplating industry more extensive proportion is as high as 40%. After passivation ( Blue white) Zinc can generation chromium ( Equivalent to that of chrome plating) , especially after plus water soluble varnish, it is hard to recognize the layman is galvanized or chrome plated. This process is suitable for white passivation ( Blue white, silver) 。 When customer has no special requirements, it is best to choose silvery white passivation ( Colour and lustre is maintained relatively stable) 。 2, cyanide zinc plating as cyano ( CN) Is a highly toxic, so the environmental protection of castor hardware parts used in galvanized cyanide puts forward strict limits, constantly promote reduce cyanide and replace cyanide castor hardware part of the development of the electric system of zinc plating solution. Requires the use of low cyanide ( Micro cyanide) Castor hardware part of the plating solution. Adopting this process castor hardware part after plating products of good quality and especially the color plating after passivation colour can keep very well. 3, zincate galvanized zinc acid salt galvanized is evolved by cyanide zinc plating process, the current domestic formed two factions are respectively: ( 1) Material is protected by 'DPE' series ( 2) Radio and television of the 'DE' series of both belong to alkaline zincate galvanized additive; The PH of 12. 5 ~ 13. Coating for cylindrical lattice structure using this technology, good corrosion resistance, suitable for color galvanized.
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