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What are the heavy-duty casters daily inspection of work

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
Heavy duty castor industry nowadays, has been widely used in high-rise building industry and other fields, in contrast to light-duty castor product design, its bearing capacity is more big, industry of heavy duty castor is no clear boundaries, bearing range from 500 pounds to 15 tons of caster can be called a heavy-duty casters. Heavy duty castor belongs to one of the high frequency products, so the castor also can not ignore daily inspection work, the so-called good performance of caster and there is no hidden trouble, you can use daily use products operation, heavy-duty casters and other products want to prolong service life, so regular care products and inspection is necessary. In addition to daily use do not exceed the maximum load capacity of the castor, when weight is put in the car, also to should take put down gently, rough road to slow running, we need to regularly check the castor products. Heavy-duty casters with other similar castor products inspection way, first we need to check whether the activity of the castor is good, if they do not have the heavy duty caster wheel steering can be moved only should check castor products, such as the ball have any corrosion or stolen goods, if has the products such as fixed collocation, so inspectors to further check the bracket of the caster for bending, etc. Castor lubrication work also need on a regular basis, under the condition of normal castor products every six months to conduct a lubrication, if the use of castor working frequency is higher, can also be appropriate to shorten the lubrication time interval, such as every four months, once every three months can be, the grease is in order to reduce the loss of the castor products in the process of using castor for key parts of lubrication is castor wheels and bearings. Again, the abrasion of heavy duty castor needs to focus on, visual check the abrasion of castor, castor, bad activity may be associated with a number of sundry, to do a good job of cleaning on a regular basis, if worn heavy duty castor must change in time, avoid uneven and affect the daily operation of transportation operations. Regularly check the castor, to exclude the hazard for castor products products can play a greater role. Castor elastic factors also need to consider, after the replacement casters need to keep the shaft on the lock washer and nut, avoid axle is loose and led to the spokes and friction. Precise bearing using the standard of industrial bearings, for the actual use of castor products plays an important role. So for buyers to choose a quality, reasonable price of castor suppliers also is very be necessary. Heavy-duty casters products are widely used in many industries, and as the refinement of product design, and now the truckle products use different material scope is also different, so we are considering to purchase castor products need to consider the particularity of heavy duty castor material, if under the environment of high temperature, suggest to buy heavy-duty casters friend can give preference to pu castor wheel this material. Good product or service even if there is no too much publicity is still able to get the attention of many consumers, and we might as well think about heavy duty castor product purchase can find market what are the manufacturer of high quality, by comparing the price, the quality of our products and after-sales service and so on comprehensive picked out a better factory.
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