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What are the important role using castor attachment?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-20
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer with castor widely used in People's Daily life, the consumer market for the development of the castor industry also increasingly attention. As professional castor manufacturers, small make up think, castor's performance is dependent on the components of the overall coordination, below, we will come together and see what castor accessories? : 1, the anti-wind cover to avoid winding shaft and other materials and the clearance between the wheel and stents, to rotate the wheels can be flexible. 2, sealing ring: avoid steering bearings or single wheel bearings into the dust, to maintain its lubricity, facilitate flexible rotation. 3, steering lock: through the spring bolt locking steering bearings, can put the activity for fixed castor castor lock. 4, brake system: installed in the wheel shaft sleeve, or on the tire surface, with the hand or foot operated brake device. 5, double brake system: as well as the lock to device can be fixed wheel brake system. 6, brace: installed in the transport plane, can make its fixed at a particular location on the device. Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD is mainly engaged in castor, universal wheel, casters, furniture products such as polyurethane products production and sales, since its inception, has been adhering to the 'customer-centric' business philosophy, at the same time in the increase of technological innovation, constantly improve the service system, and resolves to truckle products for the overwhelming majority of users with excellent quality.
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