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What are the industrial caster equipment maintenance method

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-25
In industrial production in the industry, caster equipment plays a very important role, although seemingly common but have no alternative, but under the high frequency of use, there must be a mechanical wear and tear, and in order to improve the use effect of castor equipment, daily regular maintenance and cleaning is certainly can't ignore, industrial casters equipment often bearing limits is more demanding, so its fine maintenance to be more professional. Industrial lugs is mainly refers to the device or equipment used in industry or a castor products, its main materials with advanced imported reinforced nylon, super polyurethane, and rubber, etc. First of all, we should realize that in three of industrial casters and maintenance system, daily maintenance, maintenance and secondary maintenance, daily maintenance on a regular basis to maintain daily, weekly equipment overhaul and main components of the warranty, this can be done specialist is responsible for, including the use of the equipment and operation situation, industrial casters is better to add lubricating oil regularly, reduce the friction loss on the ground, and it remains to be seen whether caster stents is loose, nut is rigid and so on, these seemingly casual details are in daily use are very important, each part will affect the normal use of the equipment. In addition, the level of care is generally a month time, because the equipment has been run for a month in a row, the equipment has accumulated a certain pattern, the need for castor equipment to do a thorough cleaning and maintenance, the degree of wear and tear of equipment, timely solve all kinds of product failure, if there are badly worn truckle to timely replace, because if caster wheel wear too much easily when carrying weight caused the uneven phenomenon, affects the quality of work. Level 2 maintenance was conducted on the basis of the level of maintenance, because has the wide range of maintenance, the secondary is the main maintenance equipment technical conditions on maintenance, part of the complete equipment repair work, but also for wear and tear for correction or replacement of parts. Nip in the bud, in addition to understand the comprehensive maintenance of industrial roller way, some matters need to pay attention to daily use, reduce product wear and prolong service life. Industrial casters now material is numerous, can meet the requirements of different production operating environment, but even castor products, stainless steel will also pick up dust or dirt, the chemical product components are easy to corrupt, stainless steel surface, so for a long time to also can cause stainless steel caster wheel rot, so should be periodically for industrial caster equipment cleaning, keep the products of industrial roller clean and light, it is also a good way to prolong its service life, simple and feasible. In daily use industrial tire live load together, when you need to avoid improper use or overload, the equipment for industrial tire damage is bigger, the other universal wheel industrial casters goods should pay attention to light and light when placed in a, in general, industrial casters contact surface are relatively rough, but if when carrying heavy loads as far as possible not to high speed, easy to make heavy crush the castor, result in equipment damage, etc. Industry often have used a variety of casters, if in use process, fixed wheel must want to cooperate to use with rotating industrial tire, so all the industrial truckle to must be compatible with universal wheel.
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