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What are the industrial casters national standards

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-09
Industrial caster has been widely used in industrial field, it for the development of industrial engineering process and daily operation has a very important role, so a lot of friends when considering the purchase of industrial casters will be particularly pay attention to every detail, we are considering screening to buy all kinds of different industrial caster equipment need to know when to the product specification and the provisions of the state of all kinds of standards, today let's take a look at what industrial casters national standards. Industrial casters according to whether can clever move into universal casters and directional casters, if the former, the wheel is installed on the frame with eccentricity, the bracket can have its own around the vertical geometrical axis of rotation, but if the design needs to be installed without eccentricity and at the same time can't turn the casters. In general industrial field with brake caster equipment is more, because most of the caster equipment operation are shipped items. From technological condition, industrial casters industrial casters appearance quality needs of national standard, all of the surface of the metal parts should be anti-corrosion operation, all the parts should not have affected the use of defects, the appearance standard is for the most basic demand of industrial casters, everyone at the time of purchasing industrial casters don't ignore the castor screening and checking the appearance of the product. On the assembly quality of it, the caster equipment rotating parts and components including wheels, bracket, etc are flexible rotation, no card or loose phenomenon, tires to assembly is firm and will not rotate with the wheel axles, if adopted a caster wheel braking device, then the corresponding brake equipment design is more reliable in performance. About wheel design needs to consider technical requirements, it shall comply with the provisions of GB/T14687 suggest buyers can is to understand the requirements of different design parameters, so the choose and buy when also can have more technical support, castor product quality and using effect are very important, will directly affect the daily operation. Qualified industrial truckle products need to be all kinds of performance testing, including walking performance test and so on, walking in the soft round test testing machine needs across more than five hundred obstacles, rigid wheel under the condition of accessibility to run 1500 meters, and what the tyre has obvious cracks or spalling damage happens, castor parts no more than normal damage and affect the use of permanent deformation, etc. Every normal manufacturer in castor finished products to pay attention to in every caster wheel parts of the factory will have obvious add buy logo, logo should include the trademark and the name of the manufacturer, wheel diameter and so on, each truckle products factory all want to do a good job of packaging properly, a number of products into the carton, the other castor storage environment should be well ventilated, at the same time can't more than eighty percent, relative humidity, non-corrosive gases warehouse storage, storage period can't more than twelve months. Above is the industrial casters quality standards set by the state, if recent consider purchase of industrial casters friend might as well can pay more attention to the different products equipment, including industrial casters scope, product design and different industrial casters on the market to purchase the hot spots and so on, hope everybody can know enough satisfactory industrial truckle products, so that they can better work.
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