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What are the materials and how to distinguish the casters?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-19
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers with the development of The Times, People's Daily life now trundle occupies very important position, it can be widely used in medical, industrial, supermarkets can also be home. Its main material is divided into super synthetic rubber casters, polyurethane casters, plastic castor, nylon casters, caster wheel steel, high temperature resistant casters, rubber casters, S type synthetic rubber casters. Different caster and its material and the formula is not the same, even if the same type of castor, if it different colors material formula are also different. Castor material variety it also gives some businesses large gap, material to replace and the abuse of low quality materials, completely disrupted the market. Castor manufacturers under the simple introduction to several types of castor material identification method, help people prevent bad product flow; Castor material identification of the burning method: 1, polyurethane ( PU) : easy burning, burning light white smoke from time to tome, is easy to melt, affect the smell, sticky filaments. 2, polyvinyl chloride, PVC) : easy burning, burning with a thick black smoke, have an effect, non sticky filaments, appearance in black toner after burn. 3, nylon wheel ( PA) : not easy to burn, you have the smell of burning hair burning, burning the appearance after a bubble, and viscous filaments. 4, high temperature nylon ( PA) : burn it with PA material, but the appearance after burn with white powder. 5, polypropylene ( PP) : easy to burn, light plastic, melting appearance even when burned, and have a sticky filaments. The smell of burning, TPR: TPR is heavier, the smoke of burning more and more strong. Castor material is a variety of diverse, actually this to you for the choice of material also brought difficulties, but as long as we carefully to understand you also will learn to analysis, also, you can also tell castor material of true and false.
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