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What are the performance parameters of the caster

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-11
A, hardness: used for measuring the rubber tyre and wheel core materials and other hardness, with shaw represented 'A' or 'D'. Compression strength: in the process of compression test, the sample on the maximum compressive stress, mpa to bill for the unit. Second, the elongation: under the action of tension, the sample fracture line when the distance between the increase and the ratio of the initial range, expressed as a percentage. Three, the impact strength: material from the violent impact of free falling weight imposed by performance. Inch/pound, ft/LBS or test temperature stamping work. Four, under the weight of the deformation resistance: under the long time heavy wheels flattens the site gets bigger, the test sample must be under static load, and then at the end of the compression time stated on the discharge load, the height of the wheel with location become table after compared with the original high percentage. Five, bibulous rate, test sample weight increase. With the weight of the sample after a particular program test and the initial weight percentage said. Six, working temperature: measurement under the rated load to the operating temperature range. Seven, bonding strength: under 6 inches/minute speed glue the tire from the wheel core of stripping force needed for above, divided by the straight line width tires for the unit with the pound. Eight, the tensile strength: the wheel from the required force when the cross section is broken. In pounds divided by the number of samples for the unit cross-sectional area ( Square inch) 。 / news_88。
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