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What are the professional advice for load pu castor manufacturer

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-06
In supermarkets, hospitals, office buildings, clubs and other quiet place, the ground is generally good, smooth cargo handling, lighter weight, the high-pressure plating frame is more appropriate. Factories and warehouses in high noise, using high pressure plate to make thicker wheel frame is more appropriate. Suspension wheel structure design is reasonable, the selection of excellent impact resistance aseismic springs, avoid the wheels when a bump on the ground work for damaged by vibration. Pu castor manufacturers to load what professional advice at present our country although there are a lot of heavy pu castor manufacturers, but really can withstand the heavy, and through strict quality test and weight manufacturer is very few, so we must choose a regular heavy pu castor manufacturers. High-tech polyurethane iron core wheel, anti-fouling, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and high load-bearing characteristics. Conventional heavy pu castor manufacturers generally can provide all the necessary technical parameters, such as drawing. Adopt high quality high elastic rubber core wheel made of natural rubber, with good toughening elasticity and abrasion resistance. Pu castor manufacturers with large diameter bead plate orbit, and base plate, upper plate after carbonitriding heat treatment, can greatly improve the hardness and toughness of bead plate, make bead plate rotating more flexible, easily greatly improve mechanical performance. Bracket is heavy except pu castor wheels's another important factor. Correct heavy pu castor bracket must consider the wheels under the weight of the first. A suitable pu castor not only reflects the price of it, and its practicality. Especially heavy industrial use pu castor for quality requirement is very high, because its use frequency often have greatly improved, and the main characteristics of high loading and heavy pu castor, is often in the loading side will be high. Therefore, at this time of heavy polyurethane casters have a certain quality requirements. High elastic polyurethane casters maintenance method of regular heavy pu castor manufacturers should have professional testing equipment, including pu castor operation test, load test and other professional pu castor testing equipment, otherwise, cannot judge pu castor load requirements. Anyway, pu pu castor suggestion: pu castor purchaser in choosing heavy pu castor should not only pay attention to quality, but also from the practicability and reference on the quality. ( ​ )
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