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What are the reasons analysis influence castor price

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
There are products on the market will be the price, different products have different prices, even if the same product of different manufacturer to its price is also different. Is the price for consumers buying and not to buy the most direct influence factors, for merchants to find a affordable manufacturer or supplier is the most effective means of competition in the industry. The same general common parts in the hardware industry castor also have different prices, and castor prices in different parts of the local materials are not the same. Castor price elasticity depends on the number of alternative to the caster and its associated with the degree of alternative, the importance of the caster in buyers budget and factors such as the purpose of the goods. Castor price elasticity changes mainly according to the economic situation. Castor price elasticity refers to the percentage of a certain product sales changes its price ratio between the percentage change is caused by price change measured sensitivity index of quantity change. When the elasticity coefficient is 1, the rise in sales and price decline is offset. As the elasticity between 0 ~ 1 means that the price rise will make yields rise, and falling prices decline in revenue, we say that this kind of goods demand is relatively inelastic, or the price is not sensitive. Most also castor elasticity of demand is low, and most of the high quality castor price elasticity of demand is relatively high. As the market shocks, castor price relative to the widespread lower trend, many castor manufacturers are in a state of low profit or even loss, more likely to rise in finished goods inventory, and stores inventory will continue to drop. Due to excessive price competition, and now the factory relative to what is more, vicious competition between manufacturers, the way to bring down the price of castor pull customers, disturb the overall market operation.
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