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What are the role - caster and its fittings

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-26
If you seriously read kaixin caster write each trundle knowledge, I believe you for castor should not strange, you should know what it is at least one exists, what is its main role; And we know that in addition to the caster and thought itself, to a greater degree of play its role, it also want to use the tie-in and other accessories, so what's the role of caster and accessories are? 1, brace: device under the transport, can make its fixed at a particular location on the device. Others include steering arm, leverage, rubber fenders, locking pad and other spare parts with a specific purpose. 2, sealing ring, prevent to bearing or bearing of single wheel into the dust and maintain its lubrication, easy to turn. 3, anti-wind cover: to prevent and other sundry wrapped around the gap of shaft and support with wheels. To rotate the wheels can be free. 4, single wheel brake switch: on the wheel axle sleeve or tire surface, with the hand or foot operated brake switch device. 5, the whole brake switch: can lock steering device can be fixed wheel brake button again. 6, steering lock: through the spring bolt locking to bearing ( Four or two locking) Fixed casters, caster wheel lock for the activity. Of castor accessories are above six, of course with different improve each manufacturer might have a little difference, but this is we get to know them; If you are now the castor accessories with keen interest can go to our web site reference more detailed images, can also consult manufacturer calls specific related matters.
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