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What are the superiority of pu castor castor manufacturer

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
What are the advantages of polyurethane caster and 1 caster wheel manufacturer. Can the size of the adjustment function. By selecting the raw data and adjust the formula, and then meet users' different demands of product function, can change many physical and mechanical features within a certain scope. Hardness, for example, usually is an important goal of the user. Round polyurethane elastomer can be made into shore A hardness of about 20 soft printing rubber roller, shore hardness D hard rolling rubber roller is 70 or higher. It is often difficult to do this elastomer data. Polyurethane elastomer is composed of many flexible chain segment and rigid chain segments of the polarity of polymer materials. With the improvement of rigid chain segment ratio and the increase of density of polar group, the original strength and hardness of the elastomer also increase accordingly. 2. Excellent wear resistance. Especially in the presence of wet medium such as water and oil, its wear resistance is usually several times to dozens times of ordinary rubber materials. Although steel and other metal materials are relatively strong, but they must be the most wear-resisting. In the Yellow River irrigation area, for example, large pump, flow of metal loops by many sediment washing and maintenance. After one hundred hours, leaking severely damaged, with polyurethane elastomer covering the mouth of the loops continuous operation and maintenance of 1800 small, there is still no wear and tear. Other rubber roller, such as rolling mill for grinding rice sieve plate for coal, used for sports ground track circuit, dynamic seal ring for forklift truck crane, elevator and roller skating chakras is polyurethane elastomer. The use of land. To mention some here is to improve the low hardness polyurethane elastic component of the friction coefficient, high wear resistance under load. To this type of polyurethane elastomer to add a small amount of aluminum sulfide, graphite or silicone oil. Such as lubricating oil. 3. Various processing methods and extensive applicability. Polyurethane elastomer can not only through the same as the general rubber adhesives, kneading and vulcanization technology in molding. It also can be made into liquid rubber, casting molding or painting, potting, centrifugal molding; It also can be made into particles, plastic is usually the same, and through injection, extrusion, calendering, blow molding and other technology to form. Molding or injection molding parts can be within the scope of a certain hardness of cutting, grinding, drilling and other processing. A variety of processing make polyurethane elastomer very applicable, expanding application range. 4, oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, low temperature resistant, sound permeability good, strong adhesion, excellent biocompatibility and blood compatibility. These advantages are polyurethane elastomer are widely used in military, aerospace, acoustics and biology.
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