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What are the typical features of bearing capacity of high special polyurethane casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-04
What is the distinguishing feature of higher bearing capacity of special pu castor? Castor, in order to meet the need of supermarket shelves of mobile and flexible features convenient shopping cart needs and special research and development of castor. Industrial casters is mainly refers to a caster wheel used in machinery factory or products, it can be imported from advanced reinforced nylon, super single wheel made of polyurethane, rubber, product integral whole with high impact resistance and strength. Mainly in order to meet the need of furniture furniture caster and low center of gravity, the needs of high load production of special castor. Caster wheel bearing ability, also known as dynamic load in caster wheel dynamic load is different due to the test in a different way of the factory, material of the wheel will have different and different, the key is to support the structure and quality can impact and shock resistance. To: hard, narrow wheel than soft, wide wheels turn more easily. Rotate wheel radius is one of the important parameters, short turning radius increases to the difficulty, too much will cause the wheels wobble and shorten the life. The function of the wheel cannot be changed, also not affected by installation. Turn shaft must always vertical movement. Castor is for the purpose of carrying is convenient, is used in indoor, such as building need to be engaged in the handling of all machines and all kinds of handling machine, above is the reinforcement of a man's hand, please observe the following principles: truckle to choose according to the ways and conditions of its use, appropriately, use correctly installed. Castor balance is very important, so value specific bearing range of requirements, pu castor bearing capacity is limited, so the freight volume of the corresponding weight also want to consider good, try not to exceed the scope is pu castor's carrying, nip in the bud. Castor industry is a typical capital-intensive industry, to form scale economy, to reach a certain threshold value of investment. As the technology level of ascension, the investment threshold is rising. At the same time, to meet the technology research and development, production capacity expansion and the need of upgrading, the integrated circuit industry also need to constantly. What is the distinguishing feature of higher bearing capacity of special pu castor? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 409. html
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