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What are the USES of heavy industrial casters -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-16
Castor - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers now more detailed, the classification of industrial casters products with more product design, for consumers, they can make better selection according to actual demand, while heavy duty industrial casters just as its name implies is refers to the carrying capacity of larger casters, is defined according to the bearing capacity of the castor, in general, now on the market of heavy industrial caster wheel bearing range between 500 kg and 15 tons, according to user's special needs, of course, many manufacturers can also provide a higher load of castor products, but need special custom. Now many industries can use heavy industrial casters, daily work in occasions such as warehouses and factories, transport of goods is very frequent, and the weight is more severe, in order to be able to make in the process of handling would be able to time, at this point in the selection of caster and wheel frame will need to be more cautious, generally is carrying heavy goods and considering the walking distance is longer, so should choose heavy industrial casters and thick steel plate (at this time Between 8 to 12 mm) After cutting wheel frame, welding activities can use flat ball bearing wheel frame, so can make up for the defect of heavy duty castor is not flexible and mobile, but also can improve the ability of caster wheel bearing and impact resistance, etc. The heavy industrial castor material available in the market also has its particularity compared with other casters, in general, heavy industrial castor wheels will adopt hardness better hard tread single wheel, nylon wheel, for example, cast iron wheel, forged steel wheel, etc, this kind of caster is the ideal choice, which is based on actual demand, because of its higher bearing capacity requirements, so you need to have a higher hardness material come equipped with, which is especially suitable for forging steel wheel and polyurethane tire track, industrial casters of form a complete set of wheels.
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