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What factors can lead to high elastic polyurethane casters can't turn

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-03
What factors can lead to high elastic polyurethane casters cannot turn? Polyurethane casters in the walk, please do not operate the brake lever. Universal casters under braking condition, optional drive is prohibited. Please don't optional to modify products, modified, coating, dissolves, after transforming any consequences to avoid more than the wheel load bearing load. Avoid the uneven and sharp prominent on the ground. Avoid the castor for original purpose of use, or unloading him down and installed on other devices. Avoid placed in lieu of the radioactive heat such as fire. Proper spacing of the steering caster wheel can be 360 degrees. Turning radius is reasonable or not directly affects to the service life of castor. The structure of the steering castor for devices under the equipment makes it free to move. Steering castor is divided into two main categories: single wheel is installed on the bracket, and only move along a straight line of the castor is called fixed steering castor. Shall not use, want to all sorts of different situations, respectively equipped with other reliable measures, such as the material of metal ware, the materials of the castor oil material and so on comprehensive balance, and want to consider some of the material can cause fouling on the ground. Welding point whether cracks or welded plate, if there is a loosening of nuts and bolts. Inspection equipment due to overload or violent impact of structural deformation, the weight is not evenly Shared by a one or two will be lead to deformation, castor castor wheels can't rotate. Need to mention here is that to improve the low and middle hardness, the friction coefficient of polyurethane elastomer parts, improve the bearing under the load of wear-resisting performance, can add a small amount of sulfide in this type of polyurethane elastomer aluminum and graphite or silicone oil lubricant. Easy burning, light plastic, uniform surface melt during burning, and viscous filaments. What factors can lead to high elastic polyurethane casters cannot turn? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 369. html
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