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What is a conductive wheel

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
In baidu know today to see a net friend to ask a question: what is a conductive wheel, the characteristics of the conductive castor. This industry, the Internet should be a little contact with castor familiar friends all know that the conductive wheel is actually in order to eliminate the static electricity of the assignments section, its role as static wheel, but better than the effect. Conductive wheel application is common in the market at present, as the demand of the market the demand of the castor is also follow to change. Applications of conductive wheel more now, especially in the electronics and military enterprise application is more, as long as it is in the workspace for the elimination of electrostatic effect so you should be applied to the conductive wheel. Because of the diversity of market conductive wheel not only join the conductive material, also joined the synthetic adhesive materials; Not only can rise the effect of eliminating static electricity can also have effect of eliminating mute, further improve the performance of conductive wheel, but also meet the demand of the development of a variety of casters. The conductive wheels have many advantages, in addition to the effect of eliminating static electricity and mute, and at the same time improve the performance such as abrasion resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, and flexible rotation, walk quietly can effectively protect the floor from damage. At the same time also can be configured according to the demand of different specifications of the wire rod, bar, conductive wheel can also configure the brake, brake, nylon and metallic brake.
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