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What is a medical instrument castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
What is a special castor castor medical equipment medical devices are made of high quality PU material or TPR plastic and elastic active, highly flexible, sliding noise is very small, flexible rotation, quiet operation, shock, resistance to acid, alkali, salt, such as chemical corrosion, impact resistance, high temperature resistant, not round sign, and does not damage the floor, etc. Installation height: the vertical distance from the ground to the installation location. Dongguan medical equipment the installation of special castor height and the base of the caster and wheel profile has great distance. The steering wheel center distance refers to the rivet vertical line to the center of the wheel horizontal distance from the center. Radius of gyration 'means the center of the rivet vertical and horizontal distance of the outside of the tyre, the appropriate distance can make the foot wheel rotating 360 degrees. Turning radius is reasonable directly affect the service life of the castor. Castor most taboo turbulence of medical equipment, especially for seriously ill and more fractures in patients, once the bumpy, may cause the patient's condition, but also affect the treatment of late. In addition, medical truckle car still taboo noisy, noise to bring trouble to the patient, affects the patient's rest, even affect the treatment of diseases. Transport a wide variety of medical, such as stretcher, wheelchairs, medicine treatment of car, car, medical records, and so on, and use frequency is high, the use of special occasions, urgently needs a new kind of shock absorption, low noise, castor instead. The emergence of new medical equipment casters, it is more than makes up for the defects. New type of medical apparatus and instruments castor was compared with the ordinary castor ( 1) The shock absorber of new medical devices castor made of special materials and shell shock absorber. Ordinary castor activity only a metal rod. ( 2) New medical instrument castor USES a plane bearing, rotating freely, durable, low noise. Ordinary castor with ordinary steel bowl and ball, steel bowl of deformation, easy on ball easy to fall off, the noise big rotation is not flexible. ( 3) New medical instrument is made from castor rubber wheel core with, the dragon king, and the metal shaft in rolling wear small, low noise. Ordinary castor with the axis of the core shaft is metal, promote wear big and noisy. Various medical car after the new castor, proved by practical, the damping performance and low noise performance, flexible performance have reached the design requirements, design unique, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, easy to use, the effect is ideal. Manufacturer producing new types of casters, will produce certain economic benefits and social benefits.
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