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What is a universal casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-10
Universal casters is refers to the activities of castor, its structure allowed to rotate 360 degrees. Castor is a general term, including universal casters and fixed castor. Fixed castor with rotational structure, can't rotate, can only be vertical to walk. For example, the structure of the front desk is two fixed castor trolleys, the back of the arm is pushing two universal casters. Universal caster wheel is installed on the equipment, can rotate for 360 degrees during dynamic or static load. There are many kinds of casters materials, such as: nylon casters, polyurethane casters, rubber casters, caster and cast iron, etc. ; Many castor specification, divided into light casters, heavy-duty casters, universal casters. Universal casters are widely used in mining, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, medical equipment, engineering, decoration, textile, printing and dyeing, furniture, logistics equipment, storage, turnover, chassis, cabinets, equipment, electrical and mechanical, clean workshop, large supermarkets, and many other industries and various areas, or even no industrial casters, the whole industrial system should be paralyzed. Customers can choose their own specific needs casters. Well, wrote so many, everybody got it? If still can't figure out, you can contact our customer service QQ800045780 or telephone 86 - 021 - Small until 59993780, will wholeheartedly for you to solve all aspects castor confusion, of course, if you have the castor customization requirements, we can help you customize the castor!
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