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What is pu castor must be equipped with accessories

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-30
What is pu castor must be equipped with accessories, observing and analyzing the situation of the castor to the original sample, after measure the sample of the size, shape and areas of using the modelling process. According to the purpose of the sample, decided to use stainless steel materials. Wheels with CNC machined, procedures for the center holes & ndash; — Car shape & ndash; — Cut off. Slotted wheel to keep the shape and depth. Through the above the sliding on the guide rail castor processing technology and process of the whole parts, will feel castor complex? If feel difficult to now also is very normal, in fact, casters and other complex products, when we take apart to its component parts, after segmentation, you will find that in fact is not as complicated as I thought, they're just assembled together, they complement each other between each other, so it seems it will be very perfect. So both in production and processing castor or doing other something, should first start from the simple, slowly complex also become simple. In general castor accessories have a lot of kinds, is our common brake, when choosing such castor accessories is a good choice, through the use of the requirements we can know whether you need when buying this kind of accessories; While less common parts is very much, must be equipped with some accessories are process demand, some are beautiful for other reasons, such as the following will introduce three kinds of unusual castor accessories, understand the meaning of their existence, could be a good choice when the choose and buy? Polyurethane casters in the process of using common damage reason is the clearance between shaft and support by cord etc sundry, cause the space between the wheel and support wheel, affect the rotation function, shield will play to its function, can effectively prevent the cord and other sundry embedded, in cannot guarantee a clean environment also can rest assured to use! What is pu castor must be equipped with accessories, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 208. html
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