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What is the difference between pu castor galvanized and chrome plated

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-02
What is the difference between pu castor galvanized and chrome plated? Pu heavy universal casters single wheel material: pu, its characteristics: strong resistance to low pressure, shock absorption, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high load and shock absorption, etc. Good performance. At the same time have a wide range of hardness, excellent waterproof, oil resistance, sound-absorbing, rust and other features, safe non-toxic. Pu castor stents used 4 station automatic co2 protection welding technology, support double welding, high strength, impact resistance, and adopts the environmental protection galvanized processing, salt fog test up to the national standard level 6. Polyurethane heavy universal caster wheel is suitable for the hotel equipment, kitchen equipment, medical equipment. Electronic equipment, logistics handling equipment, food distribution equipment, bank, postal revolving cars, machinery and equipment, etc. Zinc chrome surface is a bit bluish white, but not very bright, after passivation can make blue white zinc, color zinc, black zinc, army green wait for color. Chrome plated surface is bright white slant blue color, other chrome plating color has black chrome. Different: the function of chromium plating and chromium galvanized galvanized is just on the surface of chrome plating a layer of a few microns to 10 microns of zinc metal, it is the anode sex coating for iron base, has certain electrochemical protection, galvanized parts have good rust protection. Have decorative chromium plating and chromium plating hard chromium, chromium plating is carried out on the surface of chrome plating of a few microns or more than a dozen microns single chrome metal layer, has excellent friction resistance, decorative chromium plating was carried out on the product first copper or nickel plating chromium again after a very thin layer of chromium layer, it is beautiful with protective function, it is aimed at those who have a high decorative requirements of the products used for processing. What is the difference between pu castor galvanized and chrome plated? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 267. html
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