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What is the effective load of castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
We all know that castor is for the convenience of carrying convenient mobile object, no matter what it is carrying objects, from where to move to its own has a maximum bearing capacity, and we are using it in the scope of the maximum bearing capacity. A single caster and it is difficult to have a way of working, it is to rely on several castor can match each other and then do the bearing object and mobile convenience, so we study today is, in a couple of castor work in the same object at the same time, they are bearing the weight of the same. Several castor work together each bearing the weight of the castor is certainly not the same. Because the ground is uneven so it is difficult to ensure that they are working in the same horizontal line, another reason is that we put in Ann, items don't do in center position accurately, so it is also the cause of every trundle bearing capacity is different. We according to the diagram to explain for everybody below. Castor effective bearing number: choosing bearing according to the biggest strong point on calculating the bearing weight of castor, castor concrete stress point below, P2 is most strong point. Mixed with different sizes and specifications and models of casters, please at the lowest bearing load that a castor as a benchmark, to calculate maximum bearing weight as a whole. Multiple casters under the condition of the work at the same time the capacity of each other is not the same, we should be rational use of this characteristic, maximize castor features, reduce errors due to operation to reduce its damage.
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