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What is the purpose of the castor is

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-09
We all know that the existence of anything will be one of its value, the value of it lies in the people's demand, that is why the meaning of existence. Such as the existence of gasoline for car, power tools, allow it to run properly. While the existence of the car is provided for the convenience of people travel convenient and fast transportation to replace the pace. Castor also exists for the sake of what? In fact the existence of the castor is also have its mission and significance of its existence from very ancient times will continue down, its existence is to help light move objects, simple and convenient to carry more and more, let us become more and more effort. Although it is the ultimate goal of this, but the process to the final purpose is not so straight, also need that we explore to find to make it clear. Castor hard tyre surface suitable for soft and smooth floor exercise, when choosing the wheel, wheel, the bigger the soft, the more easily in orbit or similar cases rolling on the ground, the wheels of the soft can also protect the surface from being damaged. So consider all the ground of the special situation becomes uneven, sink, threshold, terminal strip, rubber wheel, rubber wheel, especially high modulus maximum protection of the ground does not produce noise, and the wheels of the carbon steel is the hardest. Under normal circumstances, the ground moderate degree of protection can bear the weight of the larger. In addition also includes sealing ring, anti-wind cover parts, etc. Normally wheel bearing centered rolling can drive the cart to move, and fixed casters used with universal wheel and making it easier for the shopping cart direction control. Universal wheel maximum capacity can be more than many times its own weight, it also has created a powerful shopping cart transport capacity. We know demand customer inconvenience, so we should be more aware of their standing in customer Angle inconvenience, but with the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more equipment need to move the heavy duty castor is applied more and more widely in the whole world, in the modern, the continuous development of science and technology, for the versatility of the equipment and high efficiency have more request, castor, universal wheel manufacture industry and became a special industry. The occurrence of any product is actually in order to meet the demand, when we produce this product how to let it go in the increasingly competitive society better, so we learn to analyze, learn to dig the somebody else's demand and the pain, then take these things infinite amplification, then you will win others trust. The same castor industry is also want to do this, when know the needs of the family so let's demand truckle to enlarge it.
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