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What kind of tie rod box universal casters accessories better

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-30
According to relevant data statistics, each year in our country's luggage occupies very large proportion of the demand; Especially as the quality of life has increased, some luxury handbag is the love of consumers in China. Pull rod box is one of the bags, as absolutely necessary tool rod box on a business trip, travel more and more personalization, specialization and humanization. For rod box convenient dragged save Labour, universal casters in which act as important role; Under such a huge demand, universal casters as tie rod boxes castor accessories will have what kind of history? Pull rod box TPR universal casters: TPR universal casters belongs to a rolling suitcase castor industry, its development prospects we are obvious to all, it is also the entire luggage industry is one of important factors, is relatively new in the whole manufacturing industry new branch of an enterprise, its fashion is also very strong. TPR castor with rubber elastic and plastic characteristics of caster can be more durable, impact resistant, silent, and the characteristics of the floor; In addition, also has excellent weather resistance, low temperature performance, chemical resistance, waterproof, steam and durable thorn. Believes that many people have experienced, when we want to select a pull rod box, tend to have a look at the first universal casters is strong enough, whether the rotating flexible, it is decided to the whole of the pull rod box class is an important factor, so the pull rod box manufacturers choose a high quality rod box universal casters manufacturers will be very critical. Pull rod box castor accessories in the future market prospect: with the rise of the material foundation, luxury bags occupy a large demand, but also occupies a place in the luxury of the pull rod box; For luxury goods, rod box in addition to its elegant appearance will attract attention thought, its quality is also very important; Pull rod box mainly dragged to help you save Labour, so for the pull rod box castor accessories will be very high quality requirements. Because it can be critical factors in determining the quality of the whole rolling suitcase. It is usually as part of the metal products, and its overall aesthetics will also affect the box rod box sales. Now pull rod boxes bags adornment more and more popular on the market, but the quality of the pull rod box castor is also very important. Pull rod box castor choice: usually made of rubber or plastic one-way castor and universal casters. Because it touches the ground, carrying weight, back and forth and rolling friction, so in all luggage accessories, castor's most easy to wear or burst damage. And more universal casters specifications and generally difficult to purchase or replace, so once the damage can't continue to drag line, the user can't duplicate the pull rod box carrying out. Basic means that the damage to the universal casters pull rod box obsolete can no longer in use. Pull rod box practical popular with more and more users, high-quality universal casters will be rolling suitcase favorite partners. Universal casters at the same time as the pull rod box castor accessories partners, how to stand out in many user requirements will be is a big test for universal casters, and its quality, practical will determine this factor.
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