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What problem need to be considered in the selection of medical casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-16
Medical truckle is one of the important branch of the product of casters products, but it is different with other castor product, its combination with many medical equipment installation, including emergency moving bed, etc. , can say emergency medical casters are a lot of time and life has an important relationship, so choose a quality castor products must also is very important. So when we are considering to purchase medical casters need to pay attention to what issues? First is a combination of all kinds of casters, if most of the medical devices are considering castor parts are based on the directional wheel and universal wheel has been considering using directional wheels can play a fixed role, reduced the surprise move of mobile devices, etc. , and universal wheel is in order to be able to request the equipment move to ensure a good mobile effect, specific how to consider need to be able to combine the actual situation to make choices. But for now, medical casters in the majority with universal wheel. Medical truckle has its special design requirements, in order to meet the need of daily use, is also to be able to better ensure the quality at the same time, suggest to give priority to some long-term cooperation manufacturers, if it's the first time purchase medical truckle friends can know more about what market is the castor manufacturers is better, the comprehensive comparison to facilitate everybody can screening to the appropriate product. Have each kind of medical truckle selection need to be able to consider many details, including medical caster wheel bearing range, most of the medical truckle to meet quiet operation, but also can adapt to hospital required feet running and lighter, flexible steering requirements, because the medical profession for castor bearing ability request is not high, most of the medical casters will give priority to the stainless steel material is given priority to, castor, but pu castor is applicable, the caster is mainly applicable to chemical environment using the auxiliary equipment of medical equipment. For all kinds of the design parameters and the appearance of the castor etc need to be able to have a better understanding, high-quality medical casters will not produce obvious when using castor vibration phenomenon, even in the process of rapid transit or there will be no obvious uneven tread seriously damaged. Medical casters on the market at present the biggest load quantity is 100 kg, and can basically meet the demand of the medical industry of daily use, if it is for medical caster wheel bearing with special requirements can consider to custom services, but compared to finished products, medical casters on custom service will spend more time and cost. In addition to the above introduction selection skills, but also is a need to have a clear focus on medical truckle product specification and size truckle products though the wheel diameter, the greater the flexibility, the better, more easy to promote, but the wheel diameter, the greater the disadvantages brought by the center of gravity move is equipment, is not conducive to the stability of operation, the caster wheel size according to the weight of the bearing and load carrying thrust under consideration, if specific selection is not very understand more friends can ask technical personnel, and buy products, they will give specific advice according to the actual situation of the customer, I hope you guys after this introduction to various medical truckle products can have a better understanding, so that they can at the time of purchase more handy, quality excellent medical truckle products.
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