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What prospects - universal wheel

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-10
Castor wholesale - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers why the heavy universal wheel has such a good development prospects? Whether it is practical, or security are verified. Man-made plank instead of wood to change, it is to see if the market has a demand for this products. Heavy universal wheel is in short supply in the market of a kind of metal material. Why such a product with such a big market demand. A product can't foothold in the market. The key to modern furniture heavy universal wheel. Abroad the development of modern furniture heavy universal wheel can be divided into five stages, namely: bud; Rise; Development; Take off; Transformation and transcendence. In accordance with the foreign furniture development of heavy duty castor wheels, the trend of the development of the modern furniture heavy wheels can be summarized as: decorative heavy universal wheel and the function of heavy universal wheel unification; Furniture heavy universal wheel continue to reflect 'people-oriented' 'design to the product of his time' design concept; Intelligent application in furniture furniture will be the development goal of heavy universal wheel; Heavy universal wheel based on the new material of new furniture furniture product is the development direction of future furniture heavy universal wheel; Cooperate with furniture, custom-made furniture heavy universal wheel into the era of customization, etc. Universal wheel 12 inch wheels castor full iron cast iron high temperature resistant super-heavy super heavy pulley wheel industry has axial castor wheel ingeniously solved the old without shaft castor insufficient both at home and abroad, the new design of patent products. It filled the gap of multifunctional universal wheel at home and abroad, the fourth invention exhibition won the award in 1989. Due to its large bearing capacity, flexible operation, good universal. Long service life, adjust the easy to use, neat appearance
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