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What's the use of castor wheels is what? Baidu know there is the best answer:

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-04
What's the use of universal wheel is what? Baidu know there is the best answer: castor is a general designation, it includes the universal casters and fixed castor this two kinds big. Universal casters can choose 360 degrees and directional casters only fixed direction, with fixed castor and universal caster wheel is usually used. Castor belong to the parts of hardware industry in general, castor is normally composed of stents and wheels. Stent is metal, but also have plastic, the round metal stent is more commonly used in industry. Castor application is very extensive, currently on the market already has about 160000 different types of casters used in all walks of life. Hengshui teng kai new material technology co. , LTD is a professional manufacturer of pu castor, for many years, has been committed to the research and development of polyurethane casters. Above with castor, then follow the figure of baidu know to find universal wheel & hellip; … Universal wheel is the so-called castor, its structure allows level rotate 360 degrees. Castor castor is a general designation, including activities and fixed castor. Fixed castor no rotational structure, not horizontal rotation only vertical rotation. This two kinds of casters are generally collocation with, such as the structure of the trolley is in front of two fixed wheel, behind near the armrest is driven by two wheels. Universal wheel is installed in the castor wheels can support in the dynamic or static load level rotate 360 degrees. To produce the materials have a variety of universal wheel, is the most common materials: nylon, polyurethane, rubber, cast iron and other materials. Widely used in mining, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, medical equipment, engineering, decoration, textile, printing and dyeing, furniture, logistics equipment, storage, revolving cars, chassis, cabinets, equipment, electrical and mechanical, dustless workshop, production line, large supermarkets, and many other industries and various fields. According to its different USES, bearing iron core, aluminum core, plastic core, size range 1 to 8 inches. The iron core, aluminum core for heavy-duty bearing wheel, commonly used often equipped with brake apparatus. What's the use of universal wheel is what? Baidu know there is the best answer: hynews / 122. html
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