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What stainless steel caster and daily maintenance can prolong life

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-07
We can go through the following in daily use for maintenance of stainless steel caster: 1 visual check wheels and wheel wear. The wheel rotational impeded associated with fine impurities such as red, the rope. Anti-wind can cover Yin in the clutter. Castor too loose or too tight is also another factor, to replace the damaged/castor wheels to avoid the unstable rotation. Inspect and replace the wheel after, shall ensure that use lock washers and nut tightening wheel axle. Because of loose axle can lead to friction wheel with stents and jammed. Replace the wheels and bearings should be to avoid the loss. 2, castor if activity is too loose, it should be replaced immediately. Such as castor central rivet nut is fixed, shall ensure that its locked firmly. Such as activity can't free rotation, should check the ball in the presence of corrosion or dirt. If there is a fixed type caster wheel assembly, shall ensure that castor no bending phenomenon. 3, lubrication add lubricating oil regularly, wheels and bearing can use for a long time. Put grease on shaft, sealing ring and roller bearing friction parts, can reduce friction and make more flexible rotation. Under normal circumstances once every six months for lubrication. The car in a month after cleaning for wheel lubrication. 4, bracket and fasteners loose of the shaft and nut tightening and check the weld or support plate for damage. Overload or crash will lead to distortion. Stent deflects the overloaded pressure distortion on individual round wheels and cause premature failure. If it is lever type caster, should be to tighten the nut or solid rivet and ensure equipment mounting bracket without bending and pole installed correctly. Installing a caster wheel, lock nut or locking washers should be used. Expansion plug pole of castor installation to ensure that the plug rod firmly installed in a casing. 5, overload overload is a major cause of lead to short castor life; Overload can lead to a caster wheel bracket deformation influence steel ball to orbit, appear even stent strain deformation contact and stuck on wheels, wheel deformation instability, come unglued. So try to avoid the overload use of castor, must be within the scope of its sustainable use it better. 6, the use of different places use different wheels according to different places and the use of different material castor, different materials have different physical and chemical properties. Castor material requires the use of environment is different, of course the service life of castor also are different. In order to avoid the occurrence of such a situation should be used according to the manufacturer to provide product specification. Castor is closely related to our life, the correct use of rain and reasonable maintenance can play its performance of long-term use of wheeled devices so that the user responsible for proper maintenance and operation. To avoid improper use or equipment, have to overload, heavy to light on the cart. Rough pavement of high speed or heavy pressure wheels will cause the wheels or equipment damage. So get into the habit of regular inspection maintenance.
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