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When there is degummed industrial casters, burst - how should do

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-19
Go to visit clients at this time, met a do mechanical equipment of the customer, he told me that they had used before a batch of industrial casters, and this batch of wheels in use process have emerged the phenomenon such as caster wheel tyre blowout, don't use, don't have to buy a batch of again later. After hearing the case I have a detailed understanding of its usage, as well as the industrial casters in terms of a parameter, and a situation that the company is the industrial caster wheel load can not meet requirements. Because the customer the device belongs to move often push, once driving load time is too long, come unglued or blowout phenomenon can occur easily. In general if customers to use industrial casters in mobile, often push so we have to before they go out to the production of this batch of industrial casters walk sampling to test, or customers have special requirements are relative to the test, in order to prevent defective products improve the quality of industrial casters, so an industrial castor manufacturers for product quality testing is very critical. When industrial casters degumming, burst should work to strengthen the detection of product quality. Industrial casters weight-bearing walking wear-resisting test: 1, the purpose of the test: test the production of industrial casters is in line with the requirements, to ensure product quality. 2, environmental temperature, no special environmental requirements, common indoor environment. 3, test instruments: castor multi-function testing machine. 4, walk barrier height: 3% of the soft wheel to wheel diameter, rigid wheel, obstacles and wheel walking direction a 45 ° Angle, two obstacles placed alternately. 5, test time: single wheel molding cool completely, after stent riveting after completion of the finished product assembly. 6, tyre surface hardness: TPU, 85A- 100) ,TPE / TPR ( 65A- 90) 7, test standard: mainly to perform according to the standard requirements of the customers. 8, all normal random sampling of the products according to the conventional capacity of 1. 2 times the weight, walk 5 hours continuously; 1 load of incoming test according to routine. 2 times the weight, walk eight hours in a row, no crack, flake and local excessive tyre wear; Industrial casters each place no more than normal damage and influence use permanent deformation, bearing ( Set) Turn to normal, not loose and card plug phenomenon for qualified. The benefits of walking industrial caster wheel load test has a lot of, can detect the caster in the service life of the work a long time, under the condition of the production process is the same with different material production of industrial casters testing contrast, can identify the castor material is good or bad. In this environment, driven by the interests of some industrial castor manufacturers to reduce their own costs, many are using the material ( Some materials have been recycled back many times, toughness is very poor, it is easy to disconnect) Production, not just the burr, more difference is the difference in transparency, colour and lustre is dim, poor elasticity, high temperature resistant performance is poor, easy to fracture. So all of these factors can lead to industrial casters overall performance. As buyers, consumers should strengthen the consciousness, to better safeguard the rights and interests of oneself.
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