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Why do pu castor wear-resisting baidu check on a cell phone

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-29
Why do pu castor wear resistance using a mobile phone that baidu check, high temperature resistant material is pu castor, is a kind of polymer material. Widely used in daily life, such as furniture paint and coatings, the household appliances in refrigerators and freezers, construction of roof waterproof insulation and exterior coating, etc. Can also be made into all kinds of polyurethane materials such as pu sole, polyurethane fiber, polyurethane sealant, etc. Overall performance polyurethane wide adjustable range and strong adaptability, biological aging resistance, moderate price. Pu is polyurethane abbreviation, English name is polyurethane, it is a kind of polymer material. Polyurethane (pu) is a new kind of organic polymer materials, has been hailed as a & other; The fifth big plastic & throughout; , because of its excellent performance and is widely used to national economy numerous fields. The wheels material is usually to choose according to the use of hard and soft. Such as usually have nylon wheel, wheel super polyurethane wheel, high-strength polyurethane wheel, high strength synthetic iron, iron, cheer. Super polyurethane wheel, high-strength polyurethane wheel in both indoor and outdoor floor, can meet the requirements of handling. High-strength artificial lugs are suitable for hotel, medical apparatus and instruments, floors, wooden floor, ceramic tile ground for low noise quiet when walking on the ground, nylon wheel, wheel which can be applied to uneven or there are materials such as scrap iron on the ground. While pep talk round applies to soft light load and road surface is not flat. High temperature environment must use polyurethane casters, waterproof rust is stainless steel castor, choice of the cast iron with iron castor castor or hardness is higher; Soft ground with high hardness castor, hard ground using the lower hardness of castor, quiet to protect the choice of the ground rubber, TPR or pu castor can also; Life is the most used nylon and pu, nylon high hardness will produce noise, on the ground to protect the weak, but super durable, impact resistant, the price is lower than the polyurethane; Why do pu castor wear resistance using a mobile phone that baidu check, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 112. html
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