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Why is so important - medical truckle development

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-07
What is medical casters? Medical truckle rod by rubber wheel, plane bearing, activity, gimbal, shock absorber, nylon shaft, and other parts, complete structure, material quality, in line with the requirements of durability. Shock absorber is made of special materials, combined with the rest of the coordination of different parts for low noise universal rotation. Medical caster have a variety of different models, suitable for all kinds of medical apparatus and instruments. Medical truckle because of its unique appearance, high quality material and excellent processing quality, are widely used in hospitals, medical equipment, medical equipment and other fields. Precision of the motion of the rotation and rolling, quiet performance and the prominent characteristics of the hygiene accomplished medical casters, make it won the majority of users. Caster wheel according to the application of industry classification can be divided into medical casters, industrial casters, supermarket casters, furniture casters, and so on, medical truckle is one of the categories. Medical this special application field, puts forward many requirements for medical casters. Medical truckle features: 1, medical truckle use frequency is high, the use of special occasions. 2 car, medical truckle variety, such as stretcher, wheelchairs, car, car, medical records, and so on. 3, medical truckle car walks steadily, taboo, especially for the critically ill injury and fractures in patients, turbulence may exacerbate the patient, and even affect the curative effect of late. 4, medical truckle car also requires a mute, too much noise, the noise will increase the patient's worries, affects the patient's rest, even influence the treatment effect of the disease. As medical truckle constantly put into use, a growing number of casters products development and use, in the medical industry of antibacterial near wheel will also further accelerate the pace of medical casters, antibacterial wheel will be geared to the needs of everyone's eye. At the same time also hope that more is more and more good product development, let us meet the new challenges, the industry make more and better products to bring help.
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