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Why there are high quality industrial truckle to use

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-11
Special industrial truckle have high quality requirements, because it is often a big increase in the use of the frequency of the above, it will also show a great performance, which is often on bearing will also increase relatively, so this time, also has a certain quality requirements requires for castor. We must first clear, for the quality of the caster wheel above, in addition to the material has a certain difference between the wheel use, another is the bearing quality requirements, if the bearing to bear weight can't reach a certain load conditions, often also will be the home is easy to appear the phenomenon of the damaged. Again, that is, to pay attention to the support of castor, because of the relatively are also on both sides of the wheel and two stents, to very good support for the wheels, so we also must pay attention to this point, if the scaffold material and fastness can't meet certain requirements, so also will affect the overall quality problems after, again, that is, the quality of the setup disk.
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