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Why to truckle damaged more easily

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-11
When we were in the use of castor, also often occur is a common expression, which is often all in front of the caster wheel are prone to problems, especially for some carts made of industrial casters, often at the time of use, also is the back of the two well, but in front of the two can turn tend to be badly damaged. This time, speak to the structure of castor, if is fixed, often the combination of it no more, as long as the use of material will play a load bearing, but also can meet the requirements of the wheel bearing, generally can be long-term use, but the former epicenter of the caster wheel can turn to is different. Because it also exist on structure complexity, is it in addition to make the following mobile wheel rotation, as important is the steering bearings, and the bearing rotating at above time, often also is flat to the rotation, so easy to appear problem, so for this kind of universal casters, as important is the upper body to the quality of the bearing.
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