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Without shaft castor is widely applied in Europe

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Motorcycle travel so that you have met no axle of motorcycle? , from the science fiction film 'gen ZhanJi' series of products have become a reality. And the lens this science fiction into reality is a Spanish excellent designers, named jose, he is now in China's industrial design industry park of zhongshan city in Spain '+ 34 industrial design studio'. According to the guangzhou media reports, the Spaniard jose was born the third big city city of valencia in Spain, a factory owner family career in designer has 25 years experience. Perhaps family genetic factors, especially by his grandfather - A good motorcycle, hardware accessories, mould designers are exposed. His grandpa always taught him: 'you have to think much more hands-on to transform a toy, to provide more fun for yourself to get the toy. 'Over time, jose himself learned very good observation ability and practical ability, also formed the character of the pursuit of perfection. Shaftless castor is widely applied in Europe, for example, most of the furniture in European family installed with trundle, when you need to move to mop the floor or other emergencies, as long as loose furniture casters brake switch can be, and when need to be fixed, as long as the caster wheel brake off. Shaftless castor is how to design out? Jose said that the idea is derived from the European and American science fiction movies often appear without shaft of automobile wheel. In science fiction movies alone without shaft automobile, motorcycle, etc. , and shaft made him curious: why would someone fantasy don't create a axle of the car? Why can't I make it true? So he is in the traditional shaft caster wheel spin down small parts, use reverse thinking way to think about how to assemble a axle don't truckle, especially for the joint of every components on bold idea: if the caster wheel axle without support, so which parts to support from castor can also achieve the purpose of balancing the castor? So he thought of bearing the fittings, with the bearing outer ring in the middle of the caster to support castor. After hundreds of times of trials, he finally succeeded in developing design without shaft castor, and widely applied in civil furniture, office furniture, medical equipment, machinery, lifting equipment, beauty salon equipment and other fields.
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