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by:Dajin caster     2020-05-10
Our company is specialized in polyurethane products manufacturer. Polyurethane products are wear-resisting, good elasticity, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, polyurethane is called 'king of wear-resisting. Main products are: industrial rolling pins wheel casters, industrial bearing, a new Korean castor, old Korean casters, double brake, scaffolding caster wheel, industrial super-heavy casters, heavy-duty casters, industrial control winding wheel tire, forklift truck round free, single wheel series, polyurethane wheels, industrial polyurethane plastic core wheel, polyurethane damping castor, medium-duty polyurethane casters, rubber wheel series, plastic series, roller frame, ultra-high molecular plastic, imitation toward series, light PVC castor, double row polyurethane casters, and so on. This company produces the single wheel load 20 tons in use of lifting equipment factory to get the user high praise, the company produces the 'eastern Dr Rui' brand series of polyurethane casters and polyurethane product marketing throughout the country, has been well received by users, in the long-term cooperation, the company in line with the production of durable high quality products, create brand of the industry's reputation management concept, 'Dr Rui east' products in the user take root in my heart. Fushun east rui castor co. , LTD. , Beijing pu association member unit, the perennial maintain close cooperation with universities and colleges, scientific research departments. Companies in creating reality, focus on the future, improve enterprise reputation, new product development and research with new technology, stable product quality make our products perfect embodiment, in the user to set up good corporate image. We in line with the principle of high quality and low price to serve the customers, welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, consultation, create a better future! / news_1。
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