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Zhongshan caster wheel factory specifications are of great help to us choose castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
By zhongshan caster wheel factory specifications, we know that the same product has different specifications, the original is in addition to the specifications of the functions of other points. Castor castor generally divided into activities and fixed castor, fixed castor is directional, commonly in use is not can rotate, common carts are used in the fixed casters, caster and activity is can turn 360 degrees, mostly used to office chair castor castor is activity. According to zhongshan caster wheel factory specifications, castor are applied to different occasions, also can have different specifications of the requirements, a simple example, is also a wheelbarrow, large carts and small carts are used to the caster, but the specifications of the castor certainly is not the same, and the pressure, and so on and so forth will be different. To castor for buyers to choose? Understand the material: castor castor material used by different scope is also different, if it is applied in the chemistry lab or a hospital, so the rubber casters affirmation is not enough, because the acid resistance of the rubber is poorer, in daily life, several common castor material basically has nylon casters, high temperature resistant castor and steel casters, and so on, according to the using environment is different, may have to choose, and you also need to know more about zhongshan caster wheel factory specifications, specifications and our in one of the important factors that must be considered when selecting a caster wheel. Computing castor can carry important: if the caster is applies in the middle of the shelf, then for caster wheel bearing important requirement is high, moreover also need to consider the driving force of castor, from the perspective of the physics of castor the greater the large diameter round general castor impetus, not blindly choose large diameter of casters, need according to the caster and the driving force of the load bearing capacity is analyzed from the two. Rotational flexibility: a caster in use process, the better the greater the castor, but the rotation flexibility, by zhongshan caster wheel factory specifications, the buyer can know the size of each kind of castor, base diameter, so that choose it will be more convenient, if you are using the sole general wheel, so castor the bigger the better, use rise will win a lot, if is several rounds, there is no need to choose a larger casters. Bearing is we need to consider in choosing a castor, but sun yat-sen introduced castor plant specification is what we have to understand, if even accurate understanding of the specifications of the products, and how to ensure that purchased products meet their requirements?
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