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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
A lot of useful zhongshan caster, caster, but the specific how should choose to suit oneself need castor? Choose castor should first according to need the road where I work, environmental conditions and the need to wheel bearing the weight of the condition to choose suitable for the material of the wheel, wheel material and environment does not adapt, may cause the service life of the wheel to reduce; You need the calculation castor load, a load capacity of the single wheel or castor available formula is expressed as: zhongshan castor T = ( E+Z) / M * N ( T: single or castor wheel to loading weight; E: transport equipment weight; Z: load; M: the number of single wheel and castor; N: coefficient) ; Then need to select the castor wheel diameter size, in general, driven wheel diameter is larger, the easier and load capacity, also can better protect the road; Then choose castor material, like quiet places need artificial rubber casters, push the little sound. Zhongshan caster wheel and the ground is more complex or the ground clutter can choose wheel or nylon wheel, not easy to damage; When carrying heavy objects, can choose a few installed the ball bearing casters, already can carry heavy objects, also can let the shift to more flexible. In some special environment such as high temperature or cold environment, the need to select material castor can withstand the corresponding temperature.
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