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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-12
Castor is often seen in our life a kind of parts, such as shopping carts, some mechanical, some of the stool, etc. , the presence of the castor brought people a lot of convenience, for some heavy things can save energy, castor is also divided into many kinds of, however, there are different materials, different bearing weight, which is popular on the market of stainless steel caster wheel, stainless steel castor whole cost is much higher than ordinary castor, why there are many users choose stainless steel caster wheel? ShanHe of industrial casters company focus in castor for 20 years, the company specializing in the production of various USES of castor, 80% products are exported to foreign countries, the company production of caster and small that can be used in the supermarket trolley, trolley; Big to can be used in aircraft, strict industries such as cars, at present the company is a large number of wholesale stainless steel caster, quality is reliable, welcome to inquire if necessary. Stainless steel caster wheel parts: stainless steel shaft tube: caster wheel shaft is made of stainless steel tube after improving the overall mechanical properties; Stainless steel bearings, bearings using stainless steel in addition to the more bright, also increased the rust resistance. At the bottom of the stainless steel plate, after the floor is made of stainless steel is more smooth, more stable orbit, after assembly to the influence of the scaffold. Stainless steel stents: adopt stainless steel material strength enhancement, the bracket is not easy to deformation, driving up more stable and obviously improve the load capacity. Stainless steel castor characteristics: 1, the increase of traffic load, improve the service life of the caster. 2, casters adopt stainless steel material, reduce wear and tear castor is more stable. 3, stainless steel materials improve the luster, products more beautiful. 4, product application more widely, can be applied to various special environment.
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