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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-12
Medical truckle is mainly used in hospital surgery, such as a bed, bed for these casters high requirements, the product must be certified to sell, because the hospital is more, there is an emergency requires a high aim is also to ensure that can be used efficiently. In zhongshan wholesale medical castor manufacturers seek ShanHe industrial casters, the company mainly in production, wholesale all kinds of industrial casters, medical truckle is given priority to, the company focused on castor industry for 30 years, eighty percent of the casters are sold to foreign countries, the company production of caster and reliable in quality, technology has reached a mature stage, the quality is reliable, welcome to inquire if necessary. This company produces the medical truckle running lightweight, flexible steering, elasticity, special super mute, abrasion resistance, winding and resistance to chemical corrosion, etc. Mainly divided into light-duty castor ( Chrome plated stents circular plug rod of chloroprene rubber roller, chrome plated tubular rivets of chloroprene rubber roller) Metal stents class castor ( Screw type, tubular rivet type) , STO all plastic stent castor ( Activities/fixed type, screw type, screw type stainless steel, rod type) CPT class medical casters (a The screw type, screw type, activity/fixed type, inserted rod type) And castor for intermediate and health double brake casters, can meet the medical various comprehensive environmental requirements.
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