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'Baidu seven swordsman' thunder: how artificial intelligence will affect human society?

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-01
“ Baidu seven swordsman & throughout; Thunder: how artificial intelligence will affect the human society? But more inventions are accidental events in the past, before the industrial society rarely have an agency dedicated to research and creation. And after entering the industrial society, the industrial revolution to produce energy and machinery. What did the two factors? Its physical labor completely erased from the social stage, all the farmers cannot be engaged in previous work, and then change the social structure, change the working skills. The industrial revolution is the origin of education now, meeting here are university professors, researchers, is a part of modern education. Why go here on modern education, because we rely more on biomass energy in agricultural society, namely, physical strength. Skill in the industrial society, the skills and physical strength inequitable, is need to cultivate skills. Now, labor accounted for over 90% of the social skills, the other part also drove a lot of people to the innovation of labor, has made a definite institution innovation, such as the institute inside the big enterprises, such as what we call the school, let's all kinds of research institutions, the Chinese Academy of Sciences research center, financial support is very much also, so a lot of resources, manpower and financial resources to innovation and that innovation to promote the social progress quickly. Smart exactly what to do? Everyone say data is equivalent to the energy in the past, this is right, with a lot of experts and entrepreneurs to chat later on, we think also to also wrong. Where to? Data in the past really have much energy, there is no data, algorithms don't turn up. Then where is wrong, is one of the attributes is very different. The flow of energy is standardized products, which can be used to you to the price of international crude oil market according to the standard must be able to buy the corresponding oil, is to buy standardized products. But today we found that privatization is very serious, although we are also pushing the so-called data exchange platform, but a large amount of data, is private, for various reasons such as WeChat data, in addition to tencent accessible, I believe that any of the other company is hard to get access to, and a accessible is the government. In this case, the data of privatization in the wave is a very interesting thing, everyone need to consider the innovation a lot of it. Intelligent revolution what change? Actually intelligent revolution will continue to replace skill workers, we can see that the sweeping robot; The next step of face recognition will reduce the security domain security and check-in substitution; Autopilot can replace the driver. Push forward continuously, and then driving human labor to innovation. Here are mostly innovation labor, in the study of various new algorithms, new things, the so-called skill labor after a training learning more like you, and then have a relatively standardized way to provide a service to the society. Labor after the main part of National People's Congress to promote innovation, can be expected social progress will accelerate again. There is a curve faster in the future, will quickly go up. Over the next 20 years, the development of artificial intelligence? The future is always unpredictable, we can probably have a look, to think about it. What might be wrong, but we still try to go through to see the stars of the future. The global top five companies related to the Internet, or software, can also do some expectations. We believe that the company 20 years ago, the top five are all related to artificial intelligence company, the company is rapidly changing the world of artificial intelligence, Internet but 20 years up to now, many people think of last year or this year, artificial intelligence to calculate from the first year, most case over the next 20 years will be upside down. Warm prompt: pu castor 24-hour service hotline: 13931801118 official website: http://
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