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Brother, understand the AGV castor the damping system

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
Good, Xu Gong crazy! What big hot day, he on the ground looking at the park all day at the door of the car, in and out. See a special car, still follow pictures. I also heard that, he in 4 s shop car, looked at mechanic light vehicle wheel and chassis, was nearly hit, the manager suspected that he is asking for commercial secrets. Really crazy? False mad? This actually, just until Xu Gong in shock a little tidbits of AGV castor, in the process of research and development, he's better than this time of 'madness' obsession, it's much more to go. Today, after a long time of study, based on the principles of engineering, automobile suspension system for reference of AGV castor suspension system officially born. Why the AGV need castor suspension? AGV as automated handling tool, use more indoors, but even and smooth surface, also there might be a bad place, once encounter these small pits, no shock absorption function of AGV is easy sliding, led to the car the lockout, and even affect the life of the driving wheel and motor. Not only that, some of the AGV moving object is fragile, and sometimes AGV car a lot of time with a lot of goods, under the violent shake, car goods, it's easy to break goods or even lead to fall off. It's about to lose, can even affect the company's business. Are so many forward-looking companies require adding damping module on the AGV. But suffer from AGV is an emerging industry, focusing on the AGV castor enterprise itself is less, can provide damping module function was rare. From vehicles suspension system principle, service AGV castor until the company in the presence of these aspects of the learned a lot of customers demand, Montana technology Xu Gong led by the company research the technical difficulty. Without precedent in the industry, the absence of reference, starting from 0 to study, very not easy. After several concepts and experiment, we found that the conventional approach, it is difficult to meet the demand of AGV castor's vibration. Until one day, Xu Gong while driving on the way home, after a speed bump, is suddenly enlighted, may be the answer is in the wheels of the car, this also is the beginning of the scene. In a large number of reference to the international practice cases, big car Xu Gong draw lessons from the damping principle of BMW, between the wheels and stent added damping module and shock springs, in order to minimize vibration. At present, the invention has applied for national patent protection in. Primary suspension systems, spring damping some AGV for vibration requirement is very high, we will tend to assemble special damping spring, shock absorption, make AGV car wheels can stay anytime and anywhere on a plane. The secondary suspension system, 2 - glue) 3 cm high elastic shock absorption material, as damping pad, hard suspension. Thanks to this, until on AGV castor excelsior spirit, with zhejiang university, Harbin Institute of Technology, nankai university, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, represented by the domestic well-known colleges and universities to until the cooperation invitation. And emerging technology companies, such as warehouse, rookie until on the long-term stability of the customer. Today, choose until on castor, is to choose mobile. Until more professional AGV castor, let every AGV have belongs to own AGV castor.
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