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Dilettante embarrassment, adept guard the entrance of the universal casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-27
People often say that 365 lines, line out of the top. This shows that in every industry there are top exists, namely we often say. Although so many industry but also want you to its master to do, what do a line is going to fine a line it is for this reason. From contact with universal casters already has a lot to a period of time, although not proficient in the still has a certain understanding. As the saying goes dilettante embarrassment, adept guard the entrance. Inline with the annual look at universal casters still have certain difference, let's talk about universal casters we to know what other ways. What a, universal casters are regularly check: 1, regular check add lubricant, bearing wheel and activities can be normal use for a long time. 2, regularly check the wheel steering is too loose, if too loose should be replaced immediately. Such as castor central rivet nut is fixed, shall ensure that its locked firmly. 3, regularly check the abrasion of the wheels. The rotation of the wheels, not free and fine lines, rope, sundry. Anti-wind cover can effectively keep out of the clutter. 4, regular inspection of weld or support plate for damage. Or the impact overload will lead to the distortion and distortion of stent deflects the overloaded pressure on individual round wheels and cause premature failure. How adept look at universal casters: 1, the castor rotational flexibility, single wheel rotation, the more the greater the effort, universal casters, needle roller bearings can carry heavier load rotational resistance is larger; High quality ball bearing, single wheel installed in can carry heavier load, turn the lighter. 2, see caster wheel bearing capacity, universal caster wheel according to the design load carrying capacity to a single caster. The bearing capacity of the castor is the most basic and the most critical requirement of castor, and actual use of differ in thousands ways, so the bearing capacity of the caster in actual choice, should have certain safety margin. 3, see the caster wheel diameter size, generally the wheel diameter the more the more easy to promote universal caster wheel load capacity is larger at the same time also is to protect the surface from being damaged, wheel diameter size first consideration should be given the choice of bearing and the weight of the load on the truck starting thrust to decide. Professionals may be in some ways to get to know more, but it is also never understand to understand experience, when you know that the more the more experience you can become a connoisseur. But our understanding is not enough, we also constantly transformation in understanding of universal casters, so I was the only constant to learn fast, before it can be more universal casters of the world.
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