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Flexible scaffold directional wheel to lock position - at any time

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
Universal wheel - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers if we at the time of purchase, how many people to purchase scaffolding directional wheel is not familiar with while the structure is simpler. You may encounter problems that now actually is also very much to take a look at how to buy these products together. Buy castor must first have a basic solution to this product, there are several advantages to do so, one aspect of this is the case when you buy, because have certain professional knowledge, so can also know more or less the solution about the quality of this product and other aspects. When you look professional, the other party will not give you quoted is too high, this is good. When I need to replace the scaffold wheel that I need to start to choose specific models of products, and in addition to the original equipment and other equipment when the choice needs to consider the problem of the first is the adaptation. The good product adaptation, it can bring better products. And products don't match, then to the back to use will be a little easier. Scaffold wheel when choosing also should see the quality, because it is easy to wear and tear of the product. If the quality does not pass above when choose, it might be used wasn't long before they began to change, it would only increase the unnecessary waste of time. Wheel is made of round foundry industry is made of grey cast iron casting forming, blue paint coating antirust processing, the wheel material is to use high quality black rubber vulcanization molding, quality assurance not degumming; PVC injection wheel, pu castor is pouring. Wear-resisting, durable. Bearings with high quality industrial needle roller bearing, bearing 204, directional wheel are good steel, surface grinding machine for grinding surface treatment, the compressive strength is big, the wheel rotates, small eccentricity, flexible; On both sides of the form a complete set of plastic shield; Single wheel assembly galvanized screw locknut lock. Castor characteristics description: scaffolding caster wheel ( Scaffolding wheel) Widely used in construction scaffolding equipment; Hotels, shopping malls supermarkets scaffolding equipment, etc. ; Design science, zigzag braking device, convenient and flexible, at any time to lock in position;
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