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How to choose and buy in different environments using castor -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-21
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers casters biggest characteristics is a strong flow performance improve work efficiency, now both in work and in the use of casters are very common in life. However, in different circumstances use 2 inches of castor also have different choices. So how to choose and to fit in different environments using castor? Want to buy wheel for use in different environment, the first thing to master a variety of material characteristics and advantages of each wheel, the following by Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. To give you a brief introduction of different material characteristics of the wheel. 1, 2 inch pu castor with wear-resisting acidproof alkali resistance is strong, for more environmental protection, no dust, the smaller friction coefficient of polyurethane on the ground, so in the process of using noise coefficient is extremely low, many of the environmental protection industry become the preferred; 2, 2 inch nylon casters with good heat resistance, cold-resistant, wear-resistant characteristics, such as its light weight and convenient to carry; 3, 2 inch rubber casters as as a more frequent use, due to the special rubber materials, own strong flexibility, good resistance to sliding, and the surface friction coefficient is higher, so at the time of delivery of goods to secure the safety of mobile; 4, 2 inch TPR castor made from a special plastic material processing, there are water resistant, resistant to strong under extreme conditions, such as cold, high temperature can normal use, so is also a wide range of USES of castor, has the high industry prospects; 5, 2 inch PVC castor with no inflammable, high strength, good resistance to climate change and the geometric stability, oxidant, reductant and strong acid has a strong resistance. Above is the characteristic of all kinds wheels, you can choose according to their own needs for their own use of castor, can only choose the suitable castor truckle to make yourself better.
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