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How to increase polyurethane caster wheel steering radius

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-04
Pu castor steering radius how to increase, cold rolled steel plate with a certain level of work hardening, toughness is low, but can reach better showed, used for cold bending spring pieces and parts, at the same time due to the yield point is close to the tensile strength, so the use of risk in the process of no foresight, when load beyond the allowable load accident easy to attack. Castor plating effect using electrolysis accumulated on the machine products with good adhesion, but function and matrix materials of different metal cladding technology. Castor plating layer heat soak average, ordinary are thinner, ranging from a few microns to a few microns. After castor electroplating, can make decoration maintenance on the machine products and a variety of functional surface, also can repair the wear and machining error of workpiece. Task environment when there is a small amount of corrosive medium, should choose accordingly with good corrosion resistance to the wheels. Secondary hard foam used in household appliances waterproof spray foam insulation layer, the house wall, pipe insulation materials, building plank, refrigerator and cold storage insulation material, etc. ; Half hard foam used in automobile dashboard, the steering wheel, etc. Have polyurethane on the market have all kinds of use foam composite material ( Two-component premix) Secondary used ( Cold cure) High resilience foam, half hard foam plastic, casting and spraying hard foam plastic, etc. Use foot bearing if arrange special green, smooth and fat, can make the foot bearing was used 40° & C to 165 deg. C the thought in repair of low temperature and main bearing of crankshaft and connecting rod bearing selection should be based on the repair of the crankshaft main journal and the size of the connecting rod journal to select the appropriate size, category of the bearing, and ensure the crankshaft main journal and the main bearing, with the connecting rod journal and connecting rod bearing clearance. Caster wheel dynamic load varies because of the way the plants experiment, also because of the wheel material different and different, the key is to support the structure and quality of whether can impact and shock resistance. To: hard, narrow wheel than soft, wide wheels turn more easily. Rotate wheel radius is one of the important parameters, short turning radius will add to the difficulty, too much will cause the wheel shaking and prolong service life. Pu castor steering radius how to increase, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 407. html
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