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Hydrogen castor nylon wheel in polyene PP round how to differentiate between -

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-27
We all know, more and more casters let we have already can't tell who is who, type style too much on market, brand of a brand, really is too much. For scholars entering the industry to be in this market, it must have the exquisite thoughts observation can be identified. For nylon wheel and polyene hydrogen PP wheel distinguish the difficulty coefficient is very high. So the two wheels should be how to distinguish? Actually for nylon wheel in polyene hydrogen PP wheel is not unable to distinguish, we can according to our experience to judge. Nylon wheel and polyene hydrogen PP wheel general color are very similar, both are light yellow or milk white, and the hardness is high. If you look carefully will find that the appearance of the nylon wheel will be more beautiful, and shiny, especially in a light environment effect will be more obvious; Whereas polyene hydrogen PP wheel, you will know the difference between them, you will find that the PP wheel surface lacklustre, dim, with nylon wheel will form the huge contrast, we can from the gloss good between the two kinds of casters. But this way, you must be careful observation, or you'll easily distinguish mistakes. In addition to the above said we look at the burnish brightness between the two, in fact, we have other way to distinguish. In appearance variety specification are all the same to the size of the case, we can through this method to distinguish. Put two same specifications of types of nylon wheel and polyene hydrogen PP wheel on hand, by hand to distinguish between these two kinds of castor, you will find the nylon wheel to heavier than hydrogen polyene PP wheel more solid. By this we can also distinguish the two kinds of castor, but to have a premise is the same size. Actually regardless of nylon wheel and polyene hydrogen PP wheel how many, how much of the material on the market types of casters, more accurate to tell it is according to professional testing tools, if you want to be more convenient to then you have to tell the truckle has certain experience for a variety of materials, to see how to touch more, see more experience is much more naturally. So it is very important to accumulate the related knowledge.
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