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Load test of heavy high temperature resistant caster specification - its device parameters

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-10
The success of any things are constantly calculate drills, so every successful things are there is a standard, the standard that is our rules, if you want to achieve the result of what you should do as what effect, so when we test the naturally have a standard criterion. In mathematics this performance is particularly prominent, because no matter how you render it is only a result, so wouldn't exist a lot of ambiguity. And we produce the industrial heavy resistance to high temperature casters, also is it a standard criterion, namely in the accepted standard in the industry, the detection, ok just according to the standards. Heavy resistance to high temperature casters with other casters have very big distinction, in addition to can resistance to high temperature is its most important heavy these two words, because of the word also means that it will be important than ordinary high temperature casters to carry much higher, high weight capacity that also means that the responsibility is bigger, so it's load capacity to fully meet the requirements, ensure the effective load bearing, the ability to be able to perfect the guarantee basis with its standards have very big concern, so heavy high temperature resistant wheel during the test load equipment need how a parameter? (1) the maximum radial load pressure: 1500 n. (2) the test force relative accuracy: value plus or minus 1% or less (3) driving wheel size: Φ 477. 5×120( Wide) Mm. (4) test force minimum reading values: 0. 1 n ( The minimum scale value) (5) the power supply voltage: 380 vac plus or minus 10% total 50 hz power 1. 5 kw 6 test speed: 0 ~ 1. 5km/h。 Processes can be adjusted freely. All landowners effective experimental space: 0 ~ 250 mm; Can be adjusted ( Manual mode) End protective link: specimen damage outage protection, over-current, over-voltage automatic protection system. Pet-name ruby shows: LED digital display pressure radial load ( N) And the test time ( 分钟) , test distance ( m) Attending the motion of the driving wheel in the experimental process of Angle: + 100 driving wheel every rotation around the center swing, 100. If you don't need to swing, can shut down its a institutions, restore to 00 ( The center position) Rotate. Load testing equipment parameters, the norms of effective guarantee its a great addition to the quality of heavy high temperature resistant castor wheels, it can help them improve the qualified rate of strengthen the attention to its quality, so any production heavy high temperature resistant wheel casters manufacturers should be on its value, whether you are taking brand line or taking small and workshop line, product quality is the most can't we need; It is just like our business reputation, reputation didn't it's very difficult to make than people believe you, so do the heavy high temperature resistant castor quality is to do their credibility.
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