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Pu castor superior wear resistance, the better the performance is really

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-30
Pu castor superior wear resistance, the better the performance is really? Pu castor wear-resisting performance is superior, especially in the presence of water, oil and other wetting medium work conditions, its wear resistance is often several times to dozens times of ordinary rubber materials. Metal materials such as steel, although very hard, but does not have wear-resisting, such as the Yellow River irrigated area of large water pump, the flow components through a large amount of sediment scouring metal ring and skirts, in less than a few hundred hours serious wear is leaking, and use the mouth of the polyurethane elastomer coating is the continuous running 1800 small ring and skirts into still not wear. Other rice huller rubber roller, such as milling, coal preparation with sieve sieve plate, stadium track the runway, forklift truck crane dynamic oil seal, elevator wheels and wheel roller skates, etc are also polyurethane elastomer. Bearing installation method, because the bearing structure, cooperate, conditions vary, in general, as more as the axis of rotation, so the inner circle need interference fit. Cylindrical hole bearing, multi-purpose press pressure into, or multi-purpose hot charging method. Taper hole, installed directly on the taper shaft, or use the socket installation. When installed on the shell, clearance fit more commonly, outer ring have surplus quantity, usually use the pressure into the press and or have shrink fit method of cooling after installation. Use dry ice as coolant, shrink fit installation, the moisture in the air condenses on the surface of bearing. So, need a good rust prevention measures. Visual check the abrasion of the wheels. The wheel rotational impeded associated with fine impurities such as red, the rope. Anti-wind can cover Yin in the clutter. Castor too loose or too tight is also another factor, change damaged truckle to avoid unstable rotation. Inspect and replace the wheel after, shall ensure that use lock washers and nut tightening wheel axle. Because of loose axle can lead to friction wheel with stents and jammed. Replace the wheels and bearings should be to avoid the loss. Pu castor superior wear resistance, the better the performance is really? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 206. html
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