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Teng kai pu castor technology innovation is gradually increased

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-01
Teng kai pu castor technology innovation is increasing, now many industries can use heavy industrial casters, daily work in occasions such as warehouses and factories, cargo handling very frequent, and the weight is more severe, in order to be able to make in the process of handling would be able to time, at this point in the selection of caster and wheel frame will need to be more cautious, generally is carrying heavy goods and considering the walking distance is longer, so should choose heavy industrial casters and thick steel plate (at this time Between 8 to 12 mm) After cutting wheel frame, welding activities can use flat ball bearing wheel frame, so can make up for the defect of heavy duty castor is not flexible and mobile, but also can improve the ability of caster wheel bearing and impact resistance, etc. Through different ways of welding together, become a castor welding. At present there are mainly manual welding and automatic welding two welding methods. The use of technology for CO2 welding, the mixture of argon and carbon dioxide protection welding metal droplet and in the process of the invasion of the harmful gas from the outside world. Mixed gas argon accounted for 30%, 70% carbon dioxide. For the guest lies in the small family, the area is a bit cramped, if placed in the guest lies a storage space, with industrial casters lockers or store content box is the best choice. Mobile store content ark can freely in any corner of the room, according to people need to change position. And store content box with industrial casters is more flexible, not only to sort items store, to save space can also according to the usage of top-down stack packed the box, using light, more conducive to clean. More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 265. html
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