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The first international brand castor industry was born

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-03
Lasted more than half a year, jiaxing xing teng castor co. , LTD. , 'xing teng' pronounce abbreviation combination of ICONS, in France, Germany, the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, successfully registered international trademark, and get a certificate issued by the Madrid international trademark bureau. It is reported, this is the castor industry in jiaxing first obtain overseas registration of trademarks. The relevant person in charge of jiaxing xing teng castor co. , LTD. , said: 'in six countries registered trademark, the company spent a total of more than 50000 yuan, much more expensive than domestic registered. But was forced by the situation for international registration of trademarks, have to do. 'Jiaxing xing teng castor co. , LTD. The annual output value of more than 3000 ten thousand yuan, of which 6 million yuan is the name of the company direct sales to foreign countries, the other 10 million yuan are sold to Europe and the United States through foreign trade company. 'Depend on the foreign trade company, we are not allowed to play their own trademarks so many times we own product is with someone else's trademark abroad. 'Said the director, when contact with foreign client, the client made it clear that hope' xing 'teng international trademark registration, so also facilitate cooperation. Shanghai castor plant, universal wheel, casters, universal casters
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