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The key requirement in pu castor is its bearing capacity

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
In pu castor most key requirement is that its bearing capacity, castor is for the purpose of carrying is convenient, is used in indoor, such as building need to be engaged in the handling of all machines and all kinds of handling machine, above is the reinforcement of a man's hand, please observe the following principles: truckle to choose according to the ways and conditions of its use, used properly, correctly installed. Use on the rough ground, should wear resistance and resilient rubber, polyurethane or super synthetic rubber wheels; Working in special high temperature or low temperature, or working environment temperature difference is very big, should choose metal wheels or special high temperature resistant wheels; Where the requirements to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic generation, had better use special anti-static wheel, also can choose metal wheel ( If the ground does not require protection, ; Work environment there are many corrosive medium, should choose to have good corrosion resistance of the wheel accordingly. According to the design load carrying capacity to a single caster. Castor carrying capacity is the most fundamental and most critical requirement of castor, and actual use of differ in thousands ways, therefore, in the actual choice caster wheel bearing capacity, should have certain safety allowance, four wheel installed with the most commonly used, for example, often can choose according to the following two methods: according to the three castor full weight selection. One castor dangling, this method is suitable for the shipment or equipment in the process of mobile casters under the force of the large, poor ground condition, especially in the case of the total weight is bigger. The key requirements in pu castor is its bearing capacity, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 178. html
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